Cosplay Collective

Dee Volpe and Nancy Arch are the masterminds behind the formation of Cosplay Collective. They are professional cosplayers and created the popular Cospitality Suite seen at cons around the country. They are a local all-inclusive Nashville (and surrounding area) Cosplay Community that is quickly expanding throughout Middle TN, the region, and eventually nationwide.

The Cosplay Collective is a real life community and not just a social club or Face Book marketing page. Dee Volpe is a long time Steampunk and comics cosplayer. Her contemporary Batwoman cosplay has gotten attention nationwide is often seen in photo galleries and video highlights from cons around the country. Dee is also a personal trainer. Nancy is the co-creator of the Cosplay Collective and the Cospitality Suite. She is also a veteran cosplayer most well known for her gender swap Riddler and Robin cosplays! Both Dee and Nancy are active members of the TN Ghostbusters!

Dee Volpe

Nancy Arch